Hair and makeup tuition: 

Gemma and many of the talent team are qualified hairdressing lecturers, trainers and assessors. They individually have over 10 years experience working in various training academy’s. The team are extremely passionate about delivering the highest level of training. 

They offer training for clients and brides that want to learn how to style their own hair and makeup. 

Gemma and her qualified teaching team work with hairstylists and makeup artists to update their skills, build their confidence and learn the latest techniques.

Gemma tailor makes one to one or group lessons/seminars to suit your individual needs.

Gemma’s words:
Everyone is unique in what they already know and what they don’t know. For this reason we don’t have set courses at the moment for this year. 

We get you to tell us what you would like to learn and we create a lesson plan/ schedule around this. This way we don’t waste time going over what you are already confident at.

How it works:
Firstly myself or a talent team artist explains the technique and we talk with you through how we are going to implement it and what tools and equipment we will need to do so. We demonstrate the first section on a model or tuition head. 

You then carry out this section on your model or tuition head.
We carry on with this method of me demonstrating a section and you copying/ completing it until the style is finished.
We use head templates and take notes so you will not forget the method. We also recommend that we take photos of each section and put them into a photogrid. 

Everything is taught in this method so that nothing is forgotten. We recap to ensure you maintain all of the information. Nothing is rushed and everything is taken at your own pace; to ensure it’s a super fun experience.

One to one tutorials on how to do your own hair:
We follow the same method as above in which I show you and then you create it on your own hair. 

This gives you the opportunity to practice under the eye of an expert, asking LOTS of questions to all of your queries
It’s a great opportunity to learn even the smallest of techniques; ones that can quickly and instantly change or enhance your look 

These tutorials are great for a girls night in, party’s, events and even team building in the work place. 

Look forward to working with you to gain confidence, skills and knowledge as well as having a super fun time.

For more information please email [email protected]

Much love
Gemma & Team x 

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