Smooth but textured hair up

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I done this style, so I here goes 🙂

1. Section hair from left temples to the right of the head (roughly two inches wide depending on the amount of hair you have and head shape)
Isolate the above hair.

2. Split this section into two to form two Dutch braids. Pull and pinch the braids to create fullness and texture.
Once you reach the end of the hair of the first braid take a middle section out. Whilst holding the remainder of the braid firm push this middle section up the braid. This creates the texture that you see. Pin to secure. Do this with the second braid.

3. Work from the left side of the head taking curved sections until you reach the front. With each section start the braid further around the side of the head whilst using the same technique mentioned previously.

4. Once you reach the front section twist slightly and pin to secure.

5. To finish make sure no pins are showing; a perfect hair up should never show pins 🙂

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