Smooth bun

This week there has been alot of smooth top knots and buns in the press so i thought i would share with you a smooth hair bun. This hair up reminds me of the hair Jennifer Lopez sported in the film Maid in Manhattan.

1. The hair is sectioned from behind the crown to the ears

2. Three sections are then taken through the front and isolated (one panel through the middle and two either side of this)

3. The back section is then put into a high ponytail using a hair band with two grips either side to secure the ponytail. (you can add one of the side sections into the ponytail if you prefer; that will mean you only have to wrap one section at the end, plus you will have more hair for the bun)

4. This hair is back combed and a hair net is pinned and placed over the backcombed hair.
The hair is moulded into place and secured with grips (You can mould into what ever shape you like, that’s why I love using hair nets and making my own hair pads)

5. The middle panel is released and placed over the bun like a veil. It is then pinned to secure.

6. The two remaining panels are wrapped around the bun, one at a time and secured.

My idea of a flawless hair up is one that has no pins or padding on show.
Hope you like it 🙂

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