Specialising in Bridal, Event and Media hair styling, she has become one of the most sought after stylists in Norfolk, Suffolk and London.

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About Me

About me

Gemma is an award winning hairstylist, who recently won the Reginal Winner for the Best Bridal Hairstylist in the 2015 Wedding Industry Awards.

She has become one of the leading bridal hairstylists in the UK

With over 15 years experience Gemma's career has covered event, bridal hair, editorial, fashion, media and all personal hairdressing services including cutting, technical colouring and styling.

Gemma's wealth of knowledge and her extensive experience is demonstrated through her high level of expertise as a qualified hairdressing lecturer, trainer and assessor where her professional excellence is motivational to others.

Gemma specialises in event and wedding hair; providing the highest level of service to her clients and brides.

She is extremely passionate and takes pride in designing the right look for all of her individual clients.

Whilst using only luxury haircare, styling and finishing products, including Kérastase, Redken and Wella.

Please contact Gemma regarding any advise you may need.

Gemma's vast experience of working with brides, models and on shoots means she offers passion and excellence in her work.

With Gemma's relaxed, inspirational and friendly manner you will instantly feel at ease.


Dutch style braids

To create this whimsical look that my stunning bride wanted, i formed two dutch style braids on the edges and teamed the hair with a lot of smooth volume on-top.

The back section was then taken into a low partly braided chignon. What a beautiful bride! x


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Smooth but textured hair up

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I done this style, so I here goes 🙂

1. Section hair from left temples to the right of the head (roughly two inches wide depending on the amount of hair you have and head shape)
Isolate the above hair.

2. Split this section into two to form two Dutch braids. Pull and pinch the braids to create fullness and texture.
Once you reach the end of the hair of the first braid take a middle section out. Whilst holding the remainder of the braid firm push this middle section up the braid. This creates the texture that you see. Pin to secure. Do this with the second braid.

3. Work from the left side of the head taking curved sections until you reach the front. With each section start the braid further around the side of the head whilst using the same technique mentioned previously.

4. Once you reach the front section twist slightly and pin to secure.

5. To finish make sure no pins are showing; a perfect hair up should never show pins 🙂


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Hair up (Twisted rope braid)

Today i thought i would share with you an Adele inspired hair up. Adele loves to create volume, especially thought the front section of her hair.

This style is great for any event. It is soft but sophisticated.

1.The top section of the hair is isolated from the temples around.

2. A rope braid is created in the bottom section. The hair is pull and punched to create more texture.

3. The top section is back combed and tucked and pinned into the twisted rope braid.

Hope you like it 🙂


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Vertical roll (French pleat)

This week i thought i would share with you one of my all time favourite hairstyles, the vertical roll.

The design is often also known as a French pleat. It is a classic look that goes back to the 1940s; I love this style for formal occasions, depending on the finish it can look extremely glamorous.

1. Take a panel of hair roughly three inches wide from the crown forward, back comb and isolate.

2. Depending if the client wears it on right or left, criss cross grips slightly to one side (if you are rolling it too the right criss cross them in the middle but slightly to the left)

3. If you can roll that in one section if not two sections (using a long hair pad is optional)

4. Take down the isolated section and roll and blend


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Hair up (Bridal, event hair)

This week i thought i would share a popular style! Which is very classic and never dates; it looks great with a hair vine for a wedding.

1. This hair up was created by working on the top section first. A hair pad was used to create the bulk and volume.

2. Hair was then backcombed and gentle placed over the padding and secured (you could curl this hair before to give a different look if required)

3. The bottom section was smoothed across, twisted and secured at the side of the bouffant.


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Glamorous hair

This week i wanted to share something glamorous and feminine. These sculptured shapes are ideal for any wedding or event. These shapes are created by starting with a foundation and building the structure from this.

The rhinestone cluster pins are ideal for this style, alternatively tiny fresh Flowers on wire would look beautiful depending on your theme.


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Smooth bun

This week there has been alot of smooth top knots and buns in the press so i thought i would share with you a smooth hair bun. This hair up reminds me of the hair Jennifer Lopez sported in the film Maid in Manhattan.

1. The hair is sectioned from behind the crown to the ears

2. Three sections are then taken through the front and isolated (one panel through the middle and two either side of this)

3. The back section is then put into a high ponytail using a hair band with two grips either side to secure the ponytail. (you can add one of the side sections into the ponytail if you prefer; that will mean you only have to wrap one section at the end, plus you will have more hair for the bun)

4. This hair is back combed and a hair net is pinned and placed over the backcombed hair.
The hair is moulded into place and secured with grips (You can mould into what ever shape you like, that’s why I love using hair nets and making my own hair pads)

5. The middle panel is released and placed over the bun like a veil. It is then pinned to secure.

6. The two remaining panels are wrapped around the bun, one at a time and secured.

My idea of a flawless hair up is one that has no pins or padding on show.
Hope you like it 🙂


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Bow hairstyle

The bow hairstyle was first used in wedding hairstyles to create a classic polished look. Lady Gaga then sported a edgy version of it, which is now bang on trend.

I love the way we are now using our hair to create accessories! Let me know what you think; i love mixing classic with this modern


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Finger waves

In this weeks blog I’m talking about finger waves. We all love finger waves; so classic and elegant. Finger waves were popular in the 1920’s, 1930’s and in the late 1990’s in North America and Europe. They were developed in the 1920’s to add style to, and soften the hard appearance of the bobbed hairstyles that became very popular during the flapper period. Many Hollywood movie stars wore the latest finger waves which contributed to the popularity and evolution of this style.

1. Take a panel of hair two inches wide to the crown. Section and isolate.

2. Smooth the remaining hair to the right of the head and use a band with two grips to secure the hair into a low ponytail.

3. Divide the ponytail into two sections and twist the sections around each other.

4. Wrap the twist and secure with pins.

5. Take the top section down. Work from the front to the crown taking sections and curling them forward.

6. Brush through and use wave clips.

7. Wait for the hair to cool and form it’s shape. From here add the finger wave into the twist at the back of the head.


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Contact me

Please contact me using the following.

Email: hello@gemmaholiday.com

Or, alternatively, please use the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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My services

Gemma is available for all your hairdressing and styling requirements from personal cuts and colouring to creating beautiful images for media and designing bespoke event / wedding hairstyles.

Training courses / seminars

Gemma is a qualified hairdressing lecturer, trainer and assessor. She has over 10 years experience working in various training academy's. She is extremely passionate about delivering the highest level of training.

She offers training for clients that want to learn how to style their own hair and works with hairstylists to update their skills, build their confidence and learn the latest techniques.
Gemma tailor makes one to one or group lessons/seminars to suit your individual needs.

Gemma's words:
Everyone is unique in what they already know and what they don't know. For this reason I don't have set courses at the moment for this year.

I get you to tell me what you would like to learn and I create a lesson plan/ schedule around this. This way we don't waste time going over what you are already confident at.

How it works:
Firstly I explain the technique and I talk with you through how we are going to implement it and what tools and equipment we will need to do so. I demonstrate the first section on my model or tuition head.

You then carry out this section on your model or tuition head.
We carry on with this method of me demonstrating a section and you copying/ completing it until the style is finished.
We use head templates and take notes so you will not forget the method. I also recommend that we take photos of each section and put them into a photogrid.

Everything is taught in this method so that nothing is forgotten. We recap to ensure you maintain all of the information. Nothing is rushed and everything is taken at your own pace; to ensure its a super fun experience.

One to one tutorials on how to do your own hair:
We follow the same method as above in which I show you and then you create it on your own hair.

This gives you the opportunity to practice under the eye of an expert, asking LOTS of questions to all of your queries
It's a great opportunity to learn even the smallest of techniques; ones that can quickly and instantly change or enhance your look

These tutorials are great for a girls night in, party's, events and even team building in the work place.

Hair and makeup tuition:
Along with hairstyling, If you are looking for lessons in makeup I collaborate with Melissa Abel make up so we can cover all of your individual hair and makeup lesson requirements at one time.

Whether it's natural, boho, vintage, glamorous or a shabby chic style that you want to achieve, Melissa works on models at the studio on a daily basis so she knows how to create that flawless skin every girl dreams off.

Head over to www.melissaabel.co.uk

Look forward to working with you to gain confidence, skills and knowledge as well as having a super fun time.

For more information please email hello@gemmaholiday.com

Much love
Gemma x

Hair, Makeup, photography packages

Me and the team decided to do these packages as we work with professional models all the time, and thought how nice it would be to offer this service to clients. You get the experience of a fun photo shoot and what its like to be a model, along with getting to have vogue type flawless pictures in your home

These packages are perfect for a birthday, christmas present, at an event, confidence builder or just because you want too; the list is endless. I have even done them for team building in the workplace.

This bespoke friendly service starts with a thorough consultation to determine your desired results from the photo shoot. From here we will discuss design options as to whether we require a stylist to style the shoot and what props we may need if any.

We will discuss clothing, location, hair and makeup options.The shoot can be as dramatic or simplistic as you require; it's your photo shoot. Once we have decided on your theme, the fun can begin.

The team will travel to your home or desired location, where you will have hair and makeup to suit your requirements. Depending which package you decide on, one or more locations and one or more looks will be scheduled for you. The team will show you how to pose so you can just relax and enjoy the experience. You will then have a set of images which have captured the memories or style that you desire.


Gemma and her friendly team offer a wide variety of packages from fashion to boudoir shots, where the focus is to provide flawless hair and makeup; along with clever posing, lighting and retouching to create the model perfect look for all women.

Head shots

Head shots where the focus of the shoot is to capture the personality inside the client.

Gemma and her team take pride in providing the correct head shots to suit what the client wishes to portray whether it be simple flattering shots for corporate and business or more artistic shots for media use.

Natural shots

Natural shots where your hair and makeup will be created to perfection to capture that special moment, whether it be an engagement shoot you require, family portrait, shoot to celebrate the birth of a child or just because you want some nice pictures to treasure.

Bridal hair

"I genuinely care about every bride, every wedding. It's not just being the hairstylist it's being part of the story of two people in love. The magic that surrounds a wedding just empowers you to give it your all from the first phone call to the big day.
The energy that surrounds you fills you with excitement, passion and creativity to design an individual style to perfection, thats special and unique for that bride, not a repetition of someone's else's hair"

This bespoke service begins with an in-depth consultation, where i like to see a picture of your dress/ hair and any theme you may have. From here I can give you advice on what you may need to do with your hair before your wedding day.
I will also give you a list of recommended sites for inspiration on styles. Once i have seen the type of hair styles that you like i will gather some images that i would recommend for you to look at.

From the consultation we will have liaised closely together and have pictures of the styles that you like.
In this relaxed trial I allow up to three hours as I like you to have the option to try what you want and for you not to feel under pressure. From here we will design your style.

We will then sit together and discuss the best hair accessory to complete the style to 100% perfection. We take lots of photos for you to refer to.

Bridesmaids and guests
I will liaise with you to give you advice and ideas regarding hair style designs for any bridesmaids and guests that will require styling.

Time schedule
A personal time schedule will then be made for the wedding day. It will suit your requirements and ensure a relaxed and magical morning of preparations for the big moment.

Wedding day
This is where it all comes together, after months of planning and preparation, It’s finally your time to sit back and relax and enjoy every moment, safe in the knowledge that you’re in more than capable hands. Yours and your bridal parties hair will be styled in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, leaving you feeling confident and looking absolutely picture perfect. Within this bespoke service i will be on hand to help in other ways, such as arranging your veil and assisting your bridal party with any hats or hair accessories.

Some brides require to be accompanied at the photographic part of their day, for rearranging their hair and veil and many brides require a different look for the evening. Whatever your requirements bespoke schedules are made to suit your needs

Destination weddings:
If you are getting married abroad Gemma Holiday Hair Artistry offers tailor made schedules and packages to suit your individual requirements.

Whether you require styling leading up to the wedding for shoots, styling for the wedding party and guests or pre-wedding dinner styling we can create a bespoke service to make your experience truly magical.

Looking for a dream hair and makeup team for your wedding day? Myself and Celebrity makeup artist Melissa Abel offer a bespoke bridal service to suit your individual style. With collectively over 20 years industry experience myself and Melissa work together to design the perfect look for you. We would love to talk to you about your wedding plans. Drop us an email or give us a call to find out more.

Early booking is genuinely recommended, as dates do get booked quickly and on many occasions a good year in advance.

Melissa Abel

Featured in


On this page you can view a few messages from some of the wonderful weddings I have been lucky enough to be involved with.
It has been an honour to work with you all, and thank you for letting me share these!

These beautiful people are what enable me to do the work that I love. To wake up and feel excited about what each day brings; words cannot describe how privileged I feel. Every time I receive these kind words I have to pinch myself....is this really my job; getting to be creative, meeting amazing people and sharing the most important moments of their lives.

Never underestimate the value of loving what you do - I am the one that is grateful!

Emma Harrison 09/11/13

Dear Gemma,

Thank you for making me look exactly how i wanted to look!

We had a wonderful day and we all loved our hair! From the moment I contacted you I felt 100% comfortable. You went above and beyond, advising me on things which were not really your job. I want you to know it didn’t go unappreciated.

We had such fun getting ready with you there; so thank you for making it so relaxing for us.

If it wasn’t for your advice I would never of had such a stunning hairstyle. I think I had more comments on my hair than on my dress haha.

Gemma I honestly can’t thank you enough you are an amazing and talented women!

Warmest wishes



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Amy Anderson 12/4/13

Hi Gemma,

Thank you so much for all your hard work with our hair on the wedding day, I thought everyone looked beautiful!

I really can’t thank you enough, you made it all very easy for us and I absolutely loved my hair! It was also really good fun getting ready
with you and Melissa!

We had such an amazing day, it still feels like a bit of a dream!

I hope all is well with you

Best wishes



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Vicki Stubbington 27/4/13

Gemma thank you so much for making my wedding in April such a wonderful and memorable day.

I was an absolute bundle of nerves on the morning and really appreciated your ease and friendly manner- all the girls loved you and I’m glad you got to join in our appreciation of old Skool beats.

You did a really fantastic job with my hair and I received many compliments on the day. Plus in my bridesmaids looked stunning and where extremely happy with their hairdo’s. One of my maids- Jody- even put your skills to the test by vigorously head banging to nirvana in the evening- I’m glad to report the hair stayed in and continued to look fab.

Matt and I had a really amazing wedding day and your fantastic service really helped towards achieving that- so thank you

With best wishes



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Amelia Brennan 3/8/13

Dear Gemma,

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with my hair. I was so pleased with it and don’t know how you managed it quite! We had an amazing day, we were so lucky. I want to do it all again!

All the very best and so so lovely to meet you



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Ann Scott (mother of the bride) 14/8/13

Thank you for all you did to make Alice’s wedding day so special.

First of all, I should say thank you for your patience during Alice’s and my hair trials. We were both so impressed by the way in which you listened to what we wanted and then guided us through what you suggested for the day itself. Once we had met you we knew we would not have to worry about that side of the day as you understood the looks we wanted.

I have such happy memories of the wedding day, especially of the morning of the wedding when we had such a relaxed ‘girlie’ time getting ready. I don’t think any of us felt stressed – even before we started on the bubbly!

We all loved our hairstyles and this gave us confidence when we faced all the cameras! When you had finished Danni’s hair, I asked her whether she thought her fiancé Paul would like it, as she usually wears it down and apparently, when he saw her arrive at the church he thought she looked beautiful and asked her whether she was going to have her hair like that for their wedding in November!

Thanks to your advice, Alice’s hair continued to look lovely when she removed her veil and replaced it with the beautiful hair ornament for the reception.

I could go on and on about the day – but I mustn’t!

Thank you again for your professionalism on the day – and for being part of our family for a few hours. I would recommend you to ANYONE!

with love



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Jemma Phelps 7/9/13

Dear Gemma

Thank you so much for being such a great part of the morning of my wedding, you really did put my bridesmaids at ease and had a lot of fun with you around during the build up to the big moment! It really did feel like having a big house full of friends with you a Paula there rather than a hairdresser and makeup artist we hardly knew!

My hair looked amazing, exactly the loose and natural ‘up do’ I wanted and visualised, and your ability to interpret that vision was incredible and much appreciated.

Thanks again Gemma, I’m so glad to have had you there on the day to do our hair. You were fantastic and I can’t thank you enough

lots of love Jemma


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Pro Team

I have my first choice of stylists on my pro team. It's really important for me to have the best, most friendly, professional stylists for my brides, who show perfection in their work.

I am so excited and lucky enough to have the Award winning stylist and bridal hair specialist Debs join me. Debs work includes TV, photographic and session styling. Recently working on the clothes show live, salon international and London fashion week.

Debs is a qualified trainer & NVQ assessor. She has previously passed on her wealth of knowledge at various academy's throughout London and continues to show her passion through her work as a monthly Hair Columnist for various magazines.

Debs knows just how important it is to have wedding hair that says as much about you as your dress. She will tailor a style to create your perfect look for your Big Day. With over 17 years experience in the business she has lost count of how many brides & maids she has dressed tresses for. Whether it’s modern, retro, vintage, classical, romantic or something with a twist Deb's will create something rather special.

She will primp and preen you to perfection.

It just fills me with excitement to have Tanya on our team. Tanya has such a beautiful, creative, fun and energetic personally. I have never actually seen Tanya with anything less than a big smile on her face. Her personality instantly makes you feel at ease; more like spending your morning of preparations with a friend rather than a stylist. Her professionalism and artistry compliments this aspect of her personality perfectly.

Tanya is a highly qualified hair trainer and assessor and with over 12 years experience you will receive a bespoke, inspirational and personable experience.